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Future of Missions Travel

Posted by on September 7, 2014 in Future of Travel | 0 comments

I’ve had several people ask me lately if travel agencies are going to survive the current economic challenges. Are people traveling? Are churches still sending out missions teams? Aid Organizations still serving internationally by sending others to train, equip, or empower those they are partnering with?

The short answer is ‘yes’. — Churches and agencies are still sending teams and individuals all over the world. And, given the fact that the need is still urgent — humanitarian and aid organizations are still sending volunteers and help at an increasing pace.

The only real difference we are seeing is that people are really working hard to maximize their travel dollar. For those that are flexible with either layovers, dates, or even flying multiple airlines — there are still ways to keep costs down.

For those serving internationally — there are still great humanitarian fares available.
For those taking teams internationally — -the airlines are working dilgently to get YOUR business. Given our relationships with over 9 different consolidators — we actually are seeing an increase in the number of inquiries this year. Why? — Because to maximize your impact — you want to maximize the use of your finances. 🙂

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