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A brief word about Short Term Missions

Posted by on July 1, 2014 in Short Term Missions Valid? Impact? | 0 comments

There have been several reports out lately calling in to question the validity of short term missions in regards to whether or not there is actually ‘long term impact’ (on either the field, or in the lives of those going).

The short story is this: — If DONE RIGHT — Short Term Missions can not only benefit the long-term efforts of the national church — it can also serve to effectively raise up laborers for a lifetime of continued service on behalf of the Great Commission.

Admittedly — there are issues – and even some that are ‘in’ short term missions for the profit that it can bring. As a toothless taxi driver once said as we discussed ‘life’ in Uzbekistan —
“Where there are people — there are problems”.


Another truth? Where there is the Spirit — -there Will be impact!

Our responsibility? To Abide (John 15) — in the context of that moment by moment relationship.

Yours for Maximum Kingdom Impact,


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