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The NEXT Step…..after your Short Term Experience…

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  • The Next Step …..

    Your time on the field is complete. Undoubtedly, you were able to see first-hand some of what God is doing around the world! But … where do you go from here? Should you pursue another short-term mission trip? Get involved in praying for your missionaries? Call others to join you? Receive further education or training in evangelism and discipleship? Look for ways to reach your neighbors, co-workers, family and friends here in the States? What is the ‘Next Step’ for your team?
    More importantly ….

    What is YOUR Next Step?

    Listed below are some helpful suggestions for you to consider, as you trust the Lord to provide direction in this area.

    * Share your experience with others! One of the best ways you can continue to serve the field is to help them ‘get the word out’ to others who share your passion for the world! Contact your pastor or missions chair and ask them if you can give a report of your short-term mission experience. Write a final report, and send it to your supporters.

    * Set aside at least 4 hours in a quiet place to complete your journal. Review your prayers and concerns at the start of your journey – and compare them to your prayers and concerns at the end of your mission trip. Did God meet your expectations? Did your concept of ‘success’ and/or ‘failure’ change as a result of your time on the field? Thank the Lord for your time on the field!

    * Make a list of everyone you were privileged to meet during your short-term experience. Pray for them by name, asking the Lord to take them to the ‘next step’ in their walk with Him. If they are not yet believers, ask the Lord to draw them to Himself. Prayerfully consider whom the Lord would have you stay in contact with, for His glory.

    * Write down two or three of your favorite ‘moments’ on the trip. This will help you communicate to others when they ask ‘How was your time overseas?’ Remembering these ‘personal moments’ will help you to motivate others to take a similar step of faith in the future.

    * Prayerfully evaluate your involvement in missions as a result of this trip. Will you pray more? Give more? Serve as a ‘sender’ in your sphere of influence? Who do you know that would benefit from a direct challenge (by you!) to consider participating in a short-term mission experience? If you go on another short-term trip, who will you take with you? Share the answers to these questions with someone else on your team, your spouse, or other trusted believer who will hold you accountable to take action.

    * Seriously consider returning to the field for a longer term of service! God often uses short-term missions as part of the calling process for longer-term service. MKI partners can suggest several options for you to consider in this arena, from 2 or 3 weeks to a few months, or perhaps even a year or more! In addition to ‘career’ missionaries, there are always opportunities for any length of time, from 2 weeks — to 2 years!

    God is good. We are confident that He will continue to guide your steps as you walk with Him and prayerfully consider your ‘Next Step’. Please feel free to call us here at MKI if there is any way we can serve you or your church in the future.
    Thank you for your faith and service on behalf of the Lord! It truly has been a privilege for us to be involved in God’s great plan with you!!! Our business is travel — but our passion ‘beyond travel’ is truly the Great Commission.

    By His Grace Alone,

    Mike Snyder, President
    MKI Group Travel/Missions Consulting

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